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Industrial Blackout Curtains

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Singer Safety’s line of blackout curtains not only accomplish all of our customers’ typical curtain goals, they are also customized to keep light out of sensitive areas. 

Singer Safety’s GlideWall curtains are perfect for dividing a space into several work areas, keeping your work area tidy and containing water or paint spray. Adding our blackout technology to these top-of-the-line industrial curtains ensures complete blockage of all natural and interior light – even light from a welding torch. Our thick laminate or fiberglass blackout curtains are light and easy to configure to any space. They are also easily rolled to another location or disassembled and stored for later use. 


Blackout Curtain Applications:

  • Medical and testing labs 

  • School and university labs industrial 

  • Sleep study testing labs 

  • Security rooms 

  • Hospital and medical centers 

  • Prisons and corrections facilities 

  • Clinics and healthcare 

  • Photography and photo centers 

  • Airport security checkpoints 

  • Welding workstations 

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