Aircraft Partitions/Hangars

Safety, privacy, and noise reduction are ongoing concerns in aircraft maintenance and storage facilities, and Singer Safety offers a comprehensive range of products to help you solve the functional challenges created by the shared use of open space. Our safety and welding screens, GlideWall partitions, Sound Stopper noise barriers and industrial fire equipment covers offer enhanced safety, productivity, and efficiency benefits.

Young female pilot covering light aircraft with protective cover in hangar.
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Wing and fuselage of the airplane in the aviation hangar

Aircraft Partitions/Hangars

Welding, cutting and other intensive maintenance activities are commonplace in aircraft service bays. Singer Safety’s Screen products improve employee safety during the performance of these tasks, offering one of the most economical ways to improve workplace security and efficiency. In addition to a comprehensive range of barrier material specifications, the Safety Screen line is available in configurations that include:

  • Portable screens
  • Tri-fold screens
  • Roll-up screens
  • Replacement panels
  • Singer Safety Aircraft Partition Systems

    For situations where space demarcation is a necessity but enhanced protection is not, Singer’s GlideWall systems offer flexible and economical solutions. Supplemented with the Sound Stopper noise reduction system and Singer’s extensive line of fire equipment covers, both the Safety Screen and GlideWall product families create a quieter, more efficient and much safer aviation workplace.

    A pioneering force behind the workplace safety revolution, Singer Safety has been providing innovative, affordable solutions since 1950. To learn more about the Safety Screen, GlideWall and Sound Stopper systems, or to request pricing information, please contact a Singer Safety customer service representative.