Marine Docks

If you're looking to reduce noise and make better use of available space in a marine dock environment, Singer Safety offers versatile and affordable solutions. Our GlideWall partitions and Sound Stopper noise control systems help you enhance safety and efficiency in marine dock environments, and are available in a complete range of ready-made and custom configurations.

The GlideWall family of products allows you to create scalable workstations that increase productivity while saving energy. All five of the following GlideWall partitions are available in a range of standard sizes:

  • Super-Vision Series. Open at one end to permit supervision and interaction.
  • Weld-Vision Series. Enhanced safety and protection for welders in marine dock environments.
  • Privacy Series. Divide large dock areas into individual workstations quickly and easily.
  • Environmental Series. These partitions reduce airborne contamination and provide thermal isolation.
  • Ventilator Series. Create a safe ventilated dock space while shutting out birds, insects and other pests
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Marine docks can be very noisy, so to enhance the safety and health of dockworkers, Singer’s Sound Stopper systems are an effective option. These customizable and configurable noise reduction products include modular screens, quilted panels, ceiling baffles, acoustic foams and other specialized noise-reducing materials.

For further information or to inquire about pricing, please contact a Singer Safety customer service representative. Since 1950, Singer Safety has been a visionary leader in the field of industrial and workplace safety, and our innovative family of products provides affordable and valuable protection for your employees.

GlideWall Track & Roller Industrial Curtains

The GlideWall track and roller system provides exceptional workplace flexibility and enhances safety by providing an effective, yet portable, barrier to demarcate work and storage space. It is also easily retracted when necessary. Singer Safety carries a total of five different systems, in addition to our customized options. Learn more »

SoundStopper Noise Control Systems

In 1965, we became the first company to create portable noise control systems for industrial facilities. Ceiling baffles, acoustic foam, modular acoustic screens and quilted fiberglass panels are among our most popular and best-selling noise control systems. Put their benefits to work to enhance productivity and safety in your facility. Learn more »

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