Auto Repair & Detailing Offerings

Repairing automobiles is messy. Painting, welding, cutting, and other work generates residue, dust, and dirt that can harm other vehicles in your shop. And that residue can be dangerous for workers, requiring effective ventilation within work areas.

Singer Safety Company's Uni-Glide Partition Systems allow you to optimize the work areas in your shop - containing the dirt and dust from repair operations, keeping prep and painting areas dust-free, and keeping detailing areas clean and free from residue from other operations. Our ventilation filters ensure that harmful vapors and residue are vented from work areas.

Advantages of Uni-Glide Partition Systems for Auto Repair Shops:

  • Optimize your workspace: Partitioned work areas allow work to be safely completed in adjoining areas.
  • Organize your workstations for maximum efficiency: You can organize your shop based on function, or repurpose work areas as needed.
  • Protect vehicles in adjoining partitions: The partitions contain contaminants and dirt, so that other cars are not affected by work on another car.
  • Keep prep and detailing areas clean and dust-free: Ensure that your painting jobs are done right by keeping prep areas clean. And make sure that detailed cars are as clean as possible.
  • Filter airborne waste and residue: Efficient filters keep workers safe and remove residue that can harm other vehicles.
  • Flexible configurations for customized solutions: Our high performance partition track systems, vinyl curtains, and filtration options provide you with a customized solution for your garage.

Call us today toll-free at 1-800-521-0089 to see how our Uni-Glide Partition Systems can improve the efficiency of your auto repair and detailing operation.

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