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Ceiling Baffles

ceiling baffles sound absorption

Singer Safety's hanging fiberglass noise absorbers are used for eliminating reverberant noise in large rooms, noisy sections of plant floors or over curtain enclosures. Available in Quilted Fiberglass Material or poly-covered fiberglass.

How Ceiling Baffles Are Used:

Primarily used in combination with other Sound Stopper products. Hanging Fiberglass Noise Absorbers reduce reverberant noise in large rooms, noisy sections of plant floors, or over sound partition enclosures. Each absorber measures 2' H x 4' W and includes nickel-plated grommets for hanging. Provides approximately 10 Sabins of absorption. When hung in the recommended density of one absorber per 8-10 square feet of floor area, baffles can reduce ambient noise by 4-7 dBA. They can be hung in parallel rows two feet apart, or in an egg crate configuration.

Fiberglass Ceiling Baffles: Economical Sound Absorption

Poly-Covered Fiberglass baffles are the lowest cost way to add sound absorption to large rooms or enclosures. The 1.5" thick baffles are made with a high density fiberglass core sealed in 2 mil off-white polyethylene cover. Nickel-plated grommets are provided for hanging.

The flame retardant cover meets Federal MVSS #302 flame-retardant tests.

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Poly Baffles - 10 per box

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4'W X 2'H 4-7 dBA 2" thick Off-White
Pkg. of 10 ea.
Total weight: 20 lbs.
Billable weight: 72 lbs Learn More

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